“Never ashamed of an honorable poverty”

"various other articles curious and useful"

“various other articles curious and useful”

The cold of a wintry January day only accentuated the chilling sense of foreboding in the hearts of every family member.  Already, the last library had left Monticello; the auctioneer’s cry had blown chairs, china, and silver from their familiar places into the world of historical artifacts with the provenance “Jeffersonian.”  An anxious granddaughter pined: “I wonder where we will go.”   Broken in spirit and bereft of material resources, Martha however resolutely confided the family’s condition “is the fruits, and the price we have paid, for a long an useful life devoted to the service of his country.”

To learn more about Jefferson’s financial management, view this CSpan panel presentation at the International Center for Jefferson Studies.

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