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Interview– Wendy Edwards on 1070 WINA Newsradio

Dr. Billy Wayson, author of Martha Jefferson Randolph, and Andi Cumbo-Floyd, author of The Slaves have Names, join Wendy Edwards and Eric Seitz to talk about Regional Reads, Succulent Sips, and their books.

Interview – Jennifer Till’s “Real Life”

Jennifer writes, “Join me and Billy Wayson as we discuss his new, insightful book highlighting the history of the special relationship between Thomas Jefferson and his daughter Martha.”

Interview – Coy Barefoot’s “Inside Charlottesville”

In this 8-minute clip, Wayson shares some details from Martha Jefferson Randolph’s life that make her a unique figure for consideration and review in discussions about women and early American history.

Interview, part 1 – Craig Barnes’ “Our Times”, KSFR Public Radio

In this selected excerpt, Barnes introduces Wayson and the author shares details on “moral sense.”

Interview – 1070 WINA Newsradio, with hosts Wendy Edwards and Eric Seitz

In this interview, authors Wayson and Cumbo-Floyd share information on their works and an event at a Central Virginia winery to feature their works in a unique context.

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